School Culture

At School of Science and Technology Alamo, students will see outstanding character modeled by the adults in our building.
Students have expressed the impact that the character initiative has had on them through surveys, letters to administrators, and in reflection time with teachers.
We ask that our parents partner with us in instilling positive character traits in their children by helping their students connect our CIRCLE traits to their real lives. Parents can do this by modeling the traits, pointing out family members and friends exhibiting positive character traits, and looking for teachable moments to help students exhibit their CIRCLE of Character in their lives outside of school.
Additionally, we send our families weekly and monthly resources such as weekly "questions for the car" that are focused on our trait of the month and links to helpful parent resources in our monthly Eagle News and through our Parent Square which is our main source of communication with our parents. Badge

  State and National School of Character

In January, our campus was named a 2020 Texas State School of Character by While 197 applications were selected for scoring, School of Science and Technology Alamo was one of only seven schools in Texas selected for this honor. We then submitted our application at the national level, and in May, we were named a 2020 National School of Character.


  “Circle of Character”

Here at School of Science and Technology Alamo, students and staff are held to a high standard of character.
With that in mind, our school has adopted the following character traits of focus: Caring, Integrity, Responsibility, Citizenship, and Leadership


We call this the “circle of character”, and we infuse these traits into everything that we do.
Caring: showing concern for or kindness to others
Integrity: doing the right thing even when no one is watching
Responsibility: taking ownership of one’s words, actions, and things
Citizenship: follow school rules, be respectful of the people and property in our school, be honest and dependable, and give back to the community
Leadership: art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal
September/February- Integrity


I am an SST Alamo Eagle.
Each day I will demonstrate good character
through caring, integrity, responsibility,
citizenship, and leadership.
I am the future, so all that I say and do matters.
Eagles fly high!